Preparing A Webcast For A Remote Presenter

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Preparing A Webcast For A Remote Presenter

Please note that it is always recommended to test the presenter’s connection in advance.

1. Please follow the webcast creation steps in our webcast startup guide

2. Make sure that the presenter is online and you are logged in as the host

3. Select the presenter and in the side bar and select "make presenter." This will allow them to use video, audio and upload presentations.

4. Through the chat function or by voice help the presenter enable the audio and video. You cannot start the mic and webcam from your end, the presenter has to do it. Simply have them select "Start My Webcam" followed by "Share My Webcam" for video and then select the green microphone at the top of the screen for audio.

5. Have the client open up their PowerPoint by selecting the triangle next to "Share My Screen" and then selection "Share Document"

6. You have now setup the presenter’s presentation.

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